About the Innovation Hub

Human & Legal Innovation Hub was created in 2017, almost at the same time as the opening of the South Campus on Amager. At that time we worked under the project title KU PLUS.

In 2019 we changed our name to Human & Legal Innovation Hub to reflect that we are the starting and meeting point for the innovation and entrepreneurship perspectives of humanities, law and theology.

These perspectives are more necessary than ever and are at an increasing rate in demand from startup-environments, public authorities and students, and this is something we want to focus on.

Talking at the hub

For students, teachers and business

Our goal is to provide a space for the students who would like to work with innovation or entrepreneurship based on their academic discipline.

There are plenty of innovative students at the South Campus, who are trying to solve the challenges of society with their own projects and creative ideas. We want to make sure that these students have a base, where they can work on their projects and get the right advice.

Some students have startups, others have innovative projects, maybe even non-profit, but for the most part, it's about connecting students, teachers and external partners with each other in new collaborations.

That is why we also assist with matchmaking of individual collaborations and the development of new solutions and projects across teaching, research and practice to create value for all parties.

Multidisciplinary events and a physical meeting point 

Human & Legal Innovation Hub is a partnership between the Faculties of Humanities, Law and Theology at the University of Copenhagen.

For this reason we also aim to engage several different academic disciplines in our events and to let engaged students and teachers meet across disciplines in our workspace at campus. You are always welcome to drop by and have a talk with us.