Programs for students

- boost your startup, project or idea

HALA at the hub

Our premises at the South Campus is the home of several different projects run by or involving students, teachers and researchers from the Faculties of Humanities, Law and Theology.

If you have an idea or a more established project, you can participate in one of our programs. We offer concept development for those of you who want to take your project from idea to reality, and business development for the ones who have a more established project and need office space and advice on how to run a business.

Get access to

  • Free co-working space 24/7 
  • Sparring and coaching
  • Professional advice
  • Networks of students, researchers and startups 
  • Workshops and inspirational meetings
  • Possible contacts to partners

You must be admitted to one of our programs as a project of startup to access our offers.

Rules and opportunities for students at University of Copenhagen