Daily day, facilities and benefits

As a member of the hub you and your team will have access to our office rooms at South Campus (Building 3, room 6B.1.06) where you can work as often as you like during all hours of the day.

Naturally, you will also have acces to various member offers and benefits - such as free counseling from our professional team of consultants and advisors, free breakfast every Tuesday, and invitations to both exclusive and open events.

You will share the hub with other students who either have their own startup-project or are in a project-oriented course in a startup. This way you will automatically take part in an inclusive office community where you can share experiences and benefit from each other's different skills.


We operate with “floating desks”, meaning that whenever you arrive in the hub, you just grab whatever office desk & seat you find available. It's your job to clean up after yourself when your day in the hub is over.

Of course you/your team will be provided with your own box on the hub's rack for your items. This way you don't have to bring everything back and forth all the time.

Our hub has a kitchenette with a big fridge, a freezer and access to food-heating - and there's always free coffee in the kitchenette! Just remember to clean up your mug and plate when you're done for the day. Our community relies on a little bit of responsability from all of us.

Furthermore, the hub is a social and inclusive community where we enjoy getting to know each other, having a chat with old or new faces in the couches, or enjoying a game of cards, chess or the alike. There's plenty of board games and other shared items for you to use as you please - fx if feel like taking a work-break or trying new ways of self-activation.



Every tuesday from 9.15 - 10.00 (AM) we are hosting our weekly "Community Breakfast" in our office rooms at South Campus (Building 3, room 6B.1.06). At Community Breakfast we serve free breakfast for members and anyone else who might be curious to join.

If you'd like to know see if our community could be something for you, please don't hesitate to join in. At the very least you'll get the opportunity to meet knew people and network while enjoying a meal of breakfast on us!

Community Breakfast in the hub is just one of many activities that you can take part in. By clicking on the box below you will find an overview of our many up-coming (open) events which are held by the hub and KU Lighthouse.



Remember that all members are allowed full access to our office-rooms at South Campus (Building 3, room 6B.1.06) just as well as the KU Lighthouse's office-space and facilities.

At KU Lighthouse's venue you'll always find a number of startups from different faculties working on their projects.

Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and use one of the "floating desks" (whatever desk & chair available) when you arrive. There's space enough for everyone! 

Read more about KU Lighthouse here.