KU Lighthouse

- UCPH's innovation center

KU Lighthouse - or "Lighthouse" - is University of Copenhagen's new innovation center.

Lighthouse's mission is to strengthen and increase innovation and entrepreneurship across the entire university. Furthermore Lighthouse serves as an assembly point for students, professors and external partners who wish to operate across different fields, studies and competencies.

KU Lighthouse's core missions are:

  • Supporting students who wish to become entrepreneurs or use their skills to create innovation

  • Supporting researchers who wish to build their own company or bring their research (as well as new ideas) into play through business corporations and partnerships

  • Providing education and business development within the fields of innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Facilitating collaborations between organizations, funds and different public institutions
  • Facilitating workspaces and events that strengthen the ecosystem within the field of innovation and entrepreneurship

Community Breakfast in KU Lighthouse 

Every Friday from 9.00 - 10.00 AM we are hosting a "Community Breakfast" in KU Lighthouse at Tagensvej. Here you will have the opportunity to enjoy a breakfast on us while meeting other startups from different faculties and network. You may also meet the other hubs' business developers and consultants, who you can book a meeting with - fx for business counseling and advice - as soon as you become a member. 

We're a big team of professional consultants who are ready to help you!