Every year we host four "Lead-In"-courses of five workshops pr. course. Hence, two different courses each semester.

The Lead-In-programme is an entrepreneurial programme, open to all students at University of Copenhagen, with an idea for a project or startup - or with an existing startup-business.

Through this programme you will gain experience and knowledge important to the entrepreneurial field. You will also develop practical skills and build a network - both of which you can later on use as tools, in- or outside of your entrepreneurial work.

Over the course's five workshops you'll get the opportunity to dive into your own strengths, your driving forces, your own individual story, and your personal communcation skills as well as skills to attract the right kind of business partners.

You will learn much more about yourself while getting introduced to tools and methods that can help you take the next step towards letting your idea become a reality!

Key skills from the Lead-In-courses:

  • Understanding target groups and (future) costumer segments 
  • Creating, testing and validating scenarios/hypotheses
  • 'How to' use different business models as a process-tool
  • 'Pretotyping'
  • Communication and pitching
  • Sustainable sale and sales situations

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