Member requirements and options

Along with your membership of Human & Legal Hub you will get several unique opportunities and benefits.

However, a membership also requires that a few criterias are met.

How to become a member


Educational activity:

In order to become a part of Human & Legal Hub, the very requirement is that at least one team-member in your startup/team is currently an active student at one of UCPH's official study programmes.

This means that if your startup consist only of just yourself, you will have be an active UCPH-student when you apply.

Study relevance:

Apart from the above-mentioned vi do see it as a clear advantage if your startup holds relevance according to your study; meaning, if you study history, your startup would have some kind of historical aspect thought into it. Do you wish to help others build a buiness through your own, legal advise (thus law) would probably be relevant instead. And is it storytelling that you find yourself interested in, litterature og communications is probably the study programme you're already doing.



To become a member you'll have to sign up for one of the hub's programmes

You do not need to have your own startup in order to become a part of the hub. It's completely o.k. if you merely have an idea that you would just like to explore and (only) perhaps wish to tranform into a project or a startup-business eventually.

Maybe you only wish to explore the idea a little more before figuring out what it might or might not turn into in the future. However, it requires a membership at the hub, which is accomplished through either: 


Membership duration


Your membership can last up to 12 months after you're not longer studying

You can be a part of Human & Legal Hub for up to 12 months after you've finished your entire education if you/the team has been accepted at one of our courses (see the information in the bars above) before the education ends. After their education ends, the member will automatically go from being a regular hub-member to becoming what we call "Entrepreneur in Residence" - meaning that this member increasingly has to contribute to the hub's office community in exchange of the continued privileges that a membership provides. This can f.i. be through assistance to the facilitation of events and other tasks. This way the member keeps their privileges and rights like all other members; while once in a while helping the hub-staff and -other members.


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